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Spiritual Wellbeing

Post by TheBlueWolf on Sat Sep 19, 2015 5:30 pm

For any addict it is very important to stay out of 'self'. By self I mean that lower ego centered part of us that is self seeking and only interested in selfish motives. By staying out of self, being aware of others and the universe around us we begin to gain more of an interest in life, people, the world, etc.

'Self' is really a big part of what makes an addict an addict. We seem ill at ease, have problems both at home and in the work place as well as a sense of not feeling like we belong in the world. We also like the effect produced by the substance we use and abuse too and it becomes a solution for us. Not a healthy one but one that our over blown sense of self justification demands that we rightly deserve. It is a temporary short lived effect though. It never seems to fully bridge that void inside us that is endless and never sated.

Once an admission of being powerless over a substance has been made it is vital for us to search out our flaws in our character and try to put them right. No addict is inherently bad; we develop bad habits though, some very bad and we should work on putting them right. Also, it is important to remember the good things about ourselves. Having just a huge list of undesirable behaviours would put anybody off. Write down the things which make us unique too. Also it is important to make a list of things we are grateful for and, where we may have harmed others and owe them an apology, we should say sorry sincerely to them too and enquire as to how we may put right our wrongs. Once we see that despite our past we can put things right and be better people a new sense of being reborn happens. We suddenly find our place in society, however small, and are comfortable there as we work from a new base of operations. Others will see that we are being genuine in our efforts to amend for our past and change for the better too, so life takes on new meaning and suddenly where there was a sense of life not being enjoyable, there is suddenly a sense that we belong and have become a useful part of life at last. Also that black hole inside us begins to fill as suddenly life becomes worth living.

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