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Meditation As A Recovery Method

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Meditation As A Recovery Method

Post by TheBlueWolf on Sat Sep 19, 2015 5:25 pm

Part of a daily routine for recovering addicts. A simple yet powerful way of helping recovery, reducing stress and balancing mood.

Meditation. For anyone in recovery, maintaining and improving their emotional wellbeing. Impulsive behaviour, 'acting out' if you will, is one of a recovering addicts least healthy traits. Being able to calm ourselves is an important and essential tool not only in recovery but to help us in the stream of life. Stress is a big risk factor, not just for alcoholics but for everyone. Meditation has been found to help and have lots of healing benefits for everyone, in particular a recovering addict.

There are many types of meditation, from visualisation, deep breathing, mindfulness, to just enjoying a few moments with your eyes closed listening to some music. Which specific type of mediation you take up is your choice; I can tell you though that my general stress levels have come right down since I began meditating and I can sense a general inner calm which I have never felt before. It is quite refreshing. It is freeing too and can lift ones general mood from low to quite 'high'. Addicts spend quite a lot of time, money and ingenuity chasing their illegal high when right here and now meditation is free reliable and at your disposal.

It is not just about improving your mood though; learning to cope without mind and mood altering chemicals can be quite daunting and it can feel like life will never be quite the same without some form of external help. Well how about starting from within?

Some may not enjoy mantras, I don't, but even a simple affirmation such as 'I lIke myself' can help. Music can stir emotions and be quite pleasant to listen to. The tranquility of pan pipes, perhaps with a breeze in the background, imagining sitting in a quiet field full of green grass; it's actually very pleasant.

So which meditation is best? Well, they are all good, so its a matter of what type you would like to indugle in. The technique I use means that I can meditate for a few minutes up to an hour. It's a fairly basic but very powerful mindfulness meditation, which centres me and sets me up for the day. I choose to meditate both night and day; usually first thing in the morning and just before I go to bed. Because the technique is simple in nature it means that I can use it while on the bus, in the park, pretty much anywhere.

So, in summary, whatever meditation you choose, be sure to make it part of your daily recovery.

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